3W Clinic Enrich Lovely Foot Cream

৳ 900.00

It moisturizes the skin, relieves fatigue. Thanks to its light texture, it is quickly absorbed, softens all coarsened areas, heals wounds and cracks, has a deodorizing effect. Cream gently exfoliates keratinized particles, renews the skin. Accelerates blood circulation, eliminates dryness and a feeling of heaviness in the legs.


Shea butter with excellent moisturizing effect and Aloe Vera, CornusOfficinalis Fruit, Phaseolus Radiatus Seed, and Brown Rice Extractcontents that vitalize enzyme in side skin provide nutrition to the skinand keep rough and calloused feet soft and smooth by providingnutriti on and forming protective film on the skin.


  • Prompt relief for even seriously dry, rough feet
  • Restore skin softness, Reduce skin cracks
  • Care uncomfortable feeling due to sweat or odor


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